Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Real Ninja

We can hardly touch our toes let alone do a cartwheel. This kid some of the most amazing acrobatics we've ever seen. Pretty fucking impressive. And all that flipping and jumping in gym class must definitely get dude laid.

runtime: 03:05

The Glassface

For some reason or another this kid put his hands behind his back and let's someone smash his face into fluorescent bulbs. Funny to watch but keeps you wanting more. Doesn't anyone do follow ups on shit like this?

runtime: 00:20


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sex sounds

This is the kind of video with no video quality. It's 3 minutes and 18 seconds straight of sex sounds. So what do you with a video (audio) clip like this? We say open it up on a office buddy's computer, walk away, and enjoy the show.

runtime: 03:18

Burnt out

Sure there are plenty of burn out videos and people spinning tires. But how many do it with a front wheel drive Jetta? And even more stupidly, how many stand in front of the car while filming it? Not many (it was the obvious answer).

runtime: 00:25

Radio Flying

This is a one of those "dumbass" videos. Guy is on a classic Radio Flyer you know, "The Original Red Wagon." He makes it up to only like 13 mph. Proof positive that the Wussification of America is running rampant. We've done this same stunt with a bong in one hand a beer in the other. Pussy!

runtime: 05:28 (ed. but don't dare spend that much time on it.)

Real Transformer

This is one of those clips funnier to look at after bong hit 2 or 3. Cool graphics show a Citroen being turned into a transformer.

runtime: 00:26


This one circulated around a bit before Youtube but is a good watch. Even for just the fact that they label it terrorist. This could be the guy protecting our ports .

runtime: 0:16


It takes two to Tango, we mean, Salsa

Thank god they kept this one short. We were kind enough to wait till after lunch to post this. We figure this could double as a great video motivator for that significant other who might be enjoying the winter a little too much. Just kidding hunny.

runtime: 00:19

Boys and their Toys

This is by far the most extreme model airplance built to date. Made our of Kevlar and carbon fiber, this replica jet can reach speeds of 280 mph. It even has real mini turbines. It could have done without the Top Gun musical score, but still fun to watch.

runtime: 02:40

Butter fly!

This chick knows how to work a butterfly knife. And with that serious face on her, we think she would love to just cut off your balls.

runtime: 00:21

Can't get it in

Seems like youtube has become a haven for soccer (futbol for you Euro fags) videos. I don't know who's playing, but I do know that whoever is shooting on net, multiple times, suck.

runtime: 00:14


Although not laugh out funny haha, definitely good for an inner chucle. Set to the tune "How Sweet to be an Idiot" this clip showcases some of Pres Bush's no so flatteting moments. Highlights include him using a lady's shirt to clean his glasses and picking his nose in the stands (although in fairness, that was before he was President).

runtime: 01:19

If this had you quenching for more, here is our Bush link dump:

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-Although Bush may be an idiot, his speech writer is a genius.

-Some of Bush's classic speech screw ups.

-The unabridged history of how Bush became president.

-Bush drunk at a party, before his presidency.

Monday, February 20, 2006

2006 Dunk Highlights

Nate Robinson basically ends up taking the cake by jumping straight over Spud Webb. However, some die hards were pissed that Robinson missed like 14 dunks and still won.
Here are the highlights, you decide.

runtime: 05:34

Almost but not quite

We love webcams. We also love young exhibitonist girls and their webcams. But we bring you this clip in a communal effort to get these girls to perform better. A sort of meta peer pressure. C'mon ladies you can do better then this. P.S. the tatoo looks fake.

runtime: 01:36

Catfighting in the Halls

This clip is worth the watch just to experience the sad state of America's schools. Something tells me these bitches ain't on the honor roll.

runtime: 00:39

Cheney cover up

Although not as epic as the Zapruder film, this is a good video of why Cheney's official account of his accidental shooting of Harry Whittington is full of shit. The clip includes running commentary and ballistic tests.

runtime: 10:40

White Russians

We have no idea what they are saying, and probably wouldn't care either way. But this clip but is hillarious to watch. Two men on a Russian talk show lose their shit.

runtime: 01:11

Andy the "man child" Milonakis

This is no kid. Although he appears to be childlike, rumor has it that he's like 35 years old. Don't expect us to care either way. We're just amazed by filthy mouth and overall lack of talent.

runtime: 03:31

How to scare the shit out of your kids

This one has been circulating around a bit. Totally worth it, especially if you have a kid. Or even a little brother or sister would suffice.

runtime: 00:52

RIP Harold Hunter

Harold ripping shit up and wilding out. He died this weekend. A true NYC legend.

runtime: 02:55