Saturday, February 18, 2006

Candace Ass

Young chick startes dancing and showing her thong. Nothing special but worth a quick watch.

runtime: 00:40

Top ten dunks, and I don't mean Nikes

Nuff said!

runtime: 02:20

Wigger Fightclub

First some young kid is egging on an older kid. Then two wiggers fight and someone else gets punched too. Definitely entertaining to watch. God help the red states.

runtime: 03:55

Hot Amateur lesbians

This is a pretty hot clip. Two young lesbians kissing and cuddling in what looks like a college dorm. Pretty hot. I hope they release part 2.

runtime: 01:27

Motorcycle Crash

This shit is scary. This chick has got a helmet cam on while riding her motorcycle. A car spins out of control and totally knocks her off the bike. This chick is tuff.

runtime: 02:28

Too hot for TV

A slew of controversial TV scenes that were censored and rejected.

runtime: 07:37

Lesbians making out

Two lesbians kissing. You hope it will go a bit further, but sadly, it doesn't. Nonetheless it's worth less then a minute of your time.

runtime: 00:50

Breast Reality

Only the Euro's come up with stuff like this. A guy, blindfolded, has to feel several women's breasts and guess which one is his girlfriend. Strange indeed.

Soccer, oops I mean Futbol moves

A video montage of soccer moves and amazing plays.

runtime: 03:46