Monday, February 20, 2006

2006 Dunk Highlights

Nate Robinson basically ends up taking the cake by jumping straight over Spud Webb. However, some die hards were pissed that Robinson missed like 14 dunks and still won.
Here are the highlights, you decide.

runtime: 05:34

Almost but not quite

We love webcams. We also love young exhibitonist girls and their webcams. But we bring you this clip in a communal effort to get these girls to perform better. A sort of meta peer pressure. C'mon ladies you can do better then this. P.S. the tatoo looks fake.

runtime: 01:36

Catfighting in the Halls

This clip is worth the watch just to experience the sad state of America's schools. Something tells me these bitches ain't on the honor roll.

runtime: 00:39

Cheney cover up

Although not as epic as the Zapruder film, this is a good video of why Cheney's official account of his accidental shooting of Harry Whittington is full of shit. The clip includes running commentary and ballistic tests.

runtime: 10:40

White Russians

We have no idea what they are saying, and probably wouldn't care either way. But this clip but is hillarious to watch. Two men on a Russian talk show lose their shit.

runtime: 01:11

Andy the "man child" Milonakis

This is no kid. Although he appears to be childlike, rumor has it that he's like 35 years old. Don't expect us to care either way. We're just amazed by filthy mouth and overall lack of talent.

runtime: 03:31

How to scare the shit out of your kids

This one has been circulating around a bit. Totally worth it, especially if you have a kid. Or even a little brother or sister would suffice.

runtime: 00:52

RIP Harold Hunter

Harold ripping shit up and wilding out. He died this weekend. A true NYC legend.

runtime: 02:55

Clumsy dancer

Some chick in a club is pole dancing and then falls on her ass. Classic.

runtime: 00:22

BMX madness

Kid going off on his BMX. Semi-vintage footage.

runtime: 01:32